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Cashflow 101

It is an exciting way to learn business and investing minus the actual risk involved in it. If you ever wonder when do studying and learning become exciting, this is a living proof!

Cashflow 101 is a Financial Education seminar in a BOX, literally!

Check out these images of Filipinos playing Cashflow in Manila, Philippines

What do you get from the experiencing the workshop?

Here are the key lessons of playing this board game:

  • Know why most people are stucked, or should I say “trapped” in employment
  • Learn to take control of your finances
  • Learn to write your personal financial statement
  • How to get out of the “rat-race”
  • Learn the difference between capital gains and cashflow
  • Know the difference between a real Asset and Liability
  • Win your dream and Shoot for your Stars!

Are You Ready to Play Cashflow? LINK

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